Anja Carr

In her solo-exhibitions Carr works mostly with colorful installations that include sculpture, live-and video-performance. The performances in these intimate rooms are also presented as photography. At festivals and happenings her characters interacts with the space and the audience. They are human animals, mixing adult's and children's fantasy worlds. Carr is often mistaken for being a dead puppet, when she lies completely still in her self-made costumes. The costumes are often left in her shows as a sculpture of empty skin.

Carr explores a dream language through her non-verbal performances, that involve musicians, bodybuilders or furries – people in fur-suits worshiping their animal-personality. There is a mix of food, excrement, children's TV, farcical eroticism, gender issues, narcissism and death. She creates ambiguous scenarios through physical and sensual communication, where there is a possibility of transformation - of subject identities and power relations, from attractive to disgusting, from innocent to violent, from dream to nightmare.

Carr also runs the non-profit art space PINK CUBE in Oslo, with a pink wall-paint containing body fluids. She studied at Oslo National Academy of the Arts (MFA), Kunsthochshule Berlin Weissensee and Bergen National Academy of the Arts (BFA). She has done 18 solo-exhibitions, more than 25 performances and participated in more than 40 group shows at museums, galleries, art centers and festivals.

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