Richard Launder

"Age of Enlightenment"


RICHARD LAUNDER: (born Debyshire, UK) returned to London after 15 years based in NewYork. For 20 years+ has been part-time professor at the Natonal Academy of Art & Design (KHIB) Bergen, Norway. As an artist, his stance is an inclusive pluralist/interdisciplinary position, which often, though not exclusively involves a contextual, ephemeral and/or participatory approach.

Sculpture/Installation/Performance: ‘...in my own work I am usually more motivated by the over-laps, the interactivity, interconnectivity potentials and latencies when they are in close proximity/dialogue; this push-pull creates a constant need for reassessment and reappraisal: can an installation be staged? performed into? have works extracted from? (sculptures, photographs) be completed - live? be destroyed - live (or on video - a health and safety question)? can a photograph be a sculpture, an installation?’ [1]


[1] i.e. Social Sculptures and Multiples, Joseph Beuys; Destruction Art theory, Gustav Meztger; Participatory Art, Claire Bishop.

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