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2013 Performance Nå 1

Performance Nå 1
Stiftelsen 3,14
23.januar 2013 Kl 1900

Ticket: NOK 50

Performance Art Bergen invites Performance NÅ 1, the first in a series of performance events in different locations in Bergen that will be arranged this year. The audience will experience a selection of international and national / local artists in action. First out are Essi Kausalainen (FI), Pekka Kainulainen (FI) and Rita Marhaug (N).

Here is documetation from the Performance Nå 1 below:

Performance Nå 1 Essi Kausalainen

Performance Nå 1 - Essi_Kausalainen_web2.jpg

Foto: Essi Kausalainen - Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum


Performance Nå 1 Pekka_Kainulainen_web2.jpg

Artist: Pekka Kainulainen - Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum


Performance Nå 1 Rita_Marhaug_web4.jpg

Artist: Rita Marhaug - Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum

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