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2014 Between Sky & Sea

Between Sky & Sea 2014
Herdla - Askøy
Saturday 30 th August
Time 13:00 - 19:00 PM

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is happy to inform that the international performance art festival Between Sky & Sea will take place Saturday 30th of August 2014 between 13:00 and 19:00 o’clock. The festival is based outdoor, meaning the artworks of 13 artists will be presented to the audience in the landscape of Herdla. This year they are located in the former military area above Valen (former German military airport). There will be a visitors cafe serving simple food and drinks during the arrangement.

The artists are gathered for a week having the opportunity to work within the environment of the site. This year’s festival has the subtitle GIVEN PLACE. The phrase is inspired by the work of professor in literature Anniken Greve at the University of Tromsø. In her article COMMUNITY AND PLACE Greve is discussing some interesting aspects of place through the phrases GIVEN PLACE, MADE PLACE and LIVED PLACE using Aristotle's' philosophy and Irish poet Seamus Heaney in her argumentation/explanation.

This year we are collaborating with Polish In Situ Foundation. In Situ is running CONTEXTS: Festival of Epeheral Arts in Sokolovsko Poland. Their 4th edition takes place 25th till 29th of July-14.

Both our sites, Sokolovsko ( a beautiful village and former spa resort south-west in Poland) and Herdla, are loaded places, both when it comes to nature and culture, old and new history.

The respective festivals will have their own identity, but at the same time a substancial overlapping and understanding of a common theme or headline. In Situ and Sokolovsko will keep their ephemeral focus on several artistic fields: performance art, experimental music, site specific installations and experimental film and video screenings.

Between Sea & Sky, on their side, have a smaller volume and will focus on performance art in the specific landscape of Herdla. It is also important to make a platform for the artists to develop new site specific works for the festival day. Together with the individual work we also would emphasize the artists’ seminar. Here the artists will present their perspectives and input on the subject will be given by invited guest lecturers.

Participating artists:
Maurice Blok (Finland/Netherlands), Carpenter + Longva (duo, USA and Norway), Benedicte Clementsen (Norway), Sandra Johnston (Northern Irland), Jolanta Krukowska (Poland), Karen Kipphoff (Norway/Germany), Richard Launder (United Kingdom), Jan Mioduszewski (Poland), Sigmund Skard (Norway), Paulina Zieliska (Poland), Kamoji + Warszawa (duo, Japan and Poland)

Supported by:
Herdla museum Norsk kulturråd Billedkunstnernes vederlagsfond Bergen kommune, avdeling for kultur og næring Hordaland fylkeskommune Askøy kommune Ypsøy Kystgard In Situ Fundation and Context- Festival of Ephemeral Art Polish Ministery of Culture College of Liberal Arts & Sciences at Alfred University

Documentation from the festival:

Photo: Bjarte Bjørkum og Nisa Ojalvo

Benedicte Clementsen_Strata_1.jpg

Performance: Benedicte Clementsen

Jolanta Krukowska_Declaration_1.jpg

Performance: Jolanta Krukowska (Poland)

Jolanta Krukowska_Dancing Man_1.jpg

Performance: Jolanta Krukowska (Poland)

KAmoji + Piotrowski_Groundwork_3.jpg

Performance: Kamoji + Warszawa (duo, Japan and Poland)

Karen Kipphoff_Salt_1.jpg

Performance: Karen Kipphoff (Norway/Germany)

Longva + Carpenter_Come_3.jpg

Performance: Carpenter + Longva (duo, USA and Norway)

Maurice Blok_3.jpg

Performance: Maurice Blok (Finland/Netherlands)

Paulina Zielinska_Mouth to Stone Walk_2.jpg

Performance: Paulina Zieliska (Poland)

Richard Launder_Water- the new OIL_1.jpg

Performance: Richard Launder (United Kingdom)

Sandra Johnston_Stillstand_5.jpg

Performance: Sandra Johnston (Northern Irland)

Sigmund Skard_Med steinen i band_3.jpg

Performance: Sigmund Skard (Norway)