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2014 Workshop - Helge Meyer - “My body my studio”

Workshop Helge Meyer - “My body my studio”
The old prison of Bergen

April 23 - 25 - 2014

“My body my studio”
- Experimental approaches to public space, body and time

Prior to Bergen International Performance Festival 2014, Performance Art Bergen and the Bergen Academy of Art and Design are organizing a workshop with Helge Meyer. The workshop is open to students and professionals.

About the workshop:
«In this practice based workshop, the students work on various body exercises which deal with the specific needs to create a Performance Art –piece. The tasks will vary between the creation of body related images with simple and at least no material and also with pushing the limits of the physical possibilities of each participant. Beside this a deep awareness of time and space will be reached through experiments in duration and space-related imagery. In theoretical discussions, the students will value the differences of media-based work and “pure” pieces of body-related work. In the final section of the workshop, the students may create a work in the public space to experience the difference between a so-called “safe area” of a classroom and the interaction with an unconscious audience in the streets of Bergen”.

Helge Meyer formed the Performance Art Group System HM2T (with Marco Teubner) in 1998. Since 2000 Meyer is associated with the international association Black Market International. He performed in festivals like Exit in Finland, in Italy, at Aozora Art in Japan, Open Art festival in China, PiPaf in the Philippines and intensively in Canada and the USA. Helge Meyer works parallel with Black Market, System HM2T and solo. Meyer owns a diploma in Cultural Studies (University of Hildesheim, Germany). He is a writer for art magazines like Inter (Canada) and teaches performance art workshops and theoretical classes. As a researcher he is interested in questions of pain, duo work, cooperation and the history of images. In 2007 he finished a doctoral thesis about the image of pain in Performance Art (Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, Germany).