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2015 Performance Nå 7 - Dimanche Rouge

Performance Nå 7 - Dimanche Rouge
USF Verftet
April 26, 2015

Victor Charlie explores the Charlie Hebdo events, reflecting upon freedom of expression and curtailed civil liberties in Europe.
Victor Charlie is inspired by Walter Benjamin’s constellar model encouraging spectators to find their own path through a nonhierarchical space populated with a diversity of media including performances, lectures and installations. Problematizing the Charlie Hebdo events in an era of increasing consensus, Victor Charlie uses a range of artistic strategies exploring the potential of art to stir creative questioning.

Performance Art Bergen (PAB) is a Norwegian member's organization for performance artists operating on a national and international level (with an interest in visual art performance). PAB strengthens and promotes performance art by organizing professional meetings, festivals and international exchanges.

Dimanche Rouge is a Paris-based non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of live and experimental art. In five years, Dimanche Rouge has presented some 800 artists from over 60 countries in Paris and abroad.