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2016 Performance camp Finse - PAB & PAO

Performance camp Finse - PAB & PAO
Saturday, August 13
Time: 13:00-18:00

Participating artists: Anette Friedrich Johannesen, Jan Egil Finne, Janne Jong, Katarina Skår Henriksen & Kyuja Bae, Mia Øquist, Rita Marhaug, Studio Toad – Lawrence & Thorjussen and Susanne Irene Fjørtoft & Franzisca Siegrist

On August 13th 2016 Performance Art Bergen (PAB) and Performance Art Oslo (PAO) arrange a performance event where the two organisations will meet at Finse, the mountain village train stop located at the highest altitude in between the two cities.The artists will create works in the local surroundings and explore the landscape using their bodies and materials.
Experience performance out on the mountain tops!
Meet at Finsehytta at 13:00. The walk begins there and will continue until 18:00.

You are welcome to come to Finse as a day trip for the performances on August 13th. If you would like to camp for the weekend or overnight that is also possible! Check tickets at

Documentation from Performance camp Finse - PAB & PAO
Photo: Kobie Nel

FinsePerformance_2016-10.jpg Tanja Don

finseperformance-2016-30_orig.jpg Tanja Don 2

FinsePerformance_2016-19.jpg Tanja & Don 3

Performance: Studio Toad – Lawrence & Thorjussen
Photo: Kobie Nel

FinsePerformance_2016-101.jpg Rita Marhaug

finseperformance-2016-72_orig. Rita Marhaug 2

finseperformance-2016-47_ Rita Marhaug 3

Performance: Rita Marhaug
Photo: Kobie Nel

FinsePerformance_2016-198.jpg Franzisca og Susanne



Performance: Susanne Irene Fjørtoft & Franzisca Siegrist
Photo: Kobie Nel


FinsePerformance_2016-135.jpg Katarina Skår Henriksen & Kyuja Bae 2

FinsePerformance_2016-138.jpg Katarina Skår Henriksen & Kyuja Bae 3

Performance: Katarina Skår Henriksen & Kyuja Bae
Photo: Kobie Nel

finseperformance-2016-384_orig-1.jpg Janne Aas

Finse Performance camp Janne Was

Performance camp Finse Janne Aas

Performance: Janne Jong
Photo: Kobie Nel

finseperformance-2016-403_1_orig.jpg Jan Egil Finne



Performance: Jan Egil Finne
Photo: Kobie Nel

finseperformance-2016-503_orig.jpg Anette Friedrich Johannesen

finseperformance-2016-480_orig.jpg Anette Friedrich Johannesen 2

finseperformance-2016-472_orig.jpg Anette Friedrich Johannesen 3

Performance: Anette Friedrich Johannesen
Photo: Kobie Nel


5finseperformance_leken.jpg Mia Øquist

finseperformance-2016-580_1_orig.jpg Mia Øquist

Performance: Mia Øquist
Photo: Kobie Nel