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2016 - Workshop Álvaro Terrones & Santiago López

BIPF 2016 workshop Álvaro Terrones & Santiago López
Bergen academy of art and design
Tuesday, October 11
Wednesday, October 12
Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Performance Previous Performance
Performance Art Bergen is organizing a workshop with Álvaro Terrones & Santiago López ahead of the Bergen International Performance Festival 2016. This workshop is a collaboration with the KhiB - Faculty design and vontinuing education program & PAB.

Performance previous performance:

Graphical planning and creation of sound objects in action art.
Performance art is an interdisciplinary and complex process with multiple phases. The performance previous performance workshop is a creative practice of action about the active phases of ideation and projection before the event. On the one hand, performance project will be addressed through graphical resources; on the other, the sound element will be a creative laboratory on sound objects: graphical planning and sound creation in order to experience all the plurality of possible procedures implementing the idea of action.

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