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2018 PAB OS open session - Island

Herdla Naturreservat
Sunday, August 19th
13:00 - 16:00

We are ready for our first open session after the holidays. PAB OS Øy open session -is located at Herdla, Askøy and is our annual 3 hour long performance event in nature. You are welcome to join us for the whole session, or for parts of it.
We will meet outside the museum 12.30. Please message us for further direction if needed, or if you would like to travel together with some of us.
Hope to see you all there, for this interaction in a beautiful landscape!

PAB OS – Open Session
"PAB OS" is a free experimental art space, open to all artists, performers and the public who share our interest in Performance Art. PAB OS has been organized by Performance Art Bergen since December 2012. The PAB Open Session events are performances done in public spaces, inspired by Bbeyond’s monthly meetings in Belfast. The concept is inclusive and open, so performance artists can have an arena to test new ideas and freely work with their intuition and with each other. We also aim to stimulate and foster exchange between improvisers from various fields and disciplines – artists, movers, musicians, actors, vocalists and above all those, who are crossing all the divisions and improvising interdisciplinary and inter-medially.

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2018 PAB OS - open session - Island
Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_foto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_foto_Samuel Brzeski2.jpg

Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_Pavana_JanEgil_Kurtfoto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Performance: Pavana Reid, Jan-Egil Finne, Kurt Johannessen
Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_pavanafoto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Performance: Pavana Reid - Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_Kurt_foto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Performance: Kurt Johannessen - Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_Kurt_Anette_foto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Performance: Kurt Johannessen & Anette Friedrich Johannessen
Photo: Samuel Brzeski

pabos_øy_Anette_F_johannessen_foto_Samuel Brzeski.jpg

Performance: Anette Friedrich Johannessen - Photo: Samuel Brzeski