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PAB Local x Bergen Assembly 30th October, 19:00-21:00 @Belgin (Rasmus Meyers allé 3, 5015 Bergen)

This time PAB Local will take place at Belgin, one of the premises of Bergen Assembly. About a month ago, we sent out an open call with no restrictions but the location and date the event would take place. We got a bunch of diverse applications, and have chosen three performances that we especially liked. Without spoiling too much, we can reveal that you will experience no less than multidisciplinary improvisation, five duvet covers and a message from beyond.

The event is free for all!

Curated by Tanja Silvestrini

Coordinated by Anette Friedrich Johannesen

The artists / the performances:

ELEANOR CLARE: «The Watchers»
A speaker effigy could be imagined to transmit voices from another time/place. The bearer of the effigy brings these voices to our awareness, into our present existence.

JOHAN SEVERIN: "Somatic Exchange"
A conversation without words
An exchange of thoughts
A translation of sorts
A place to explore

EMMA FUCHS SJÖVALL: "Serenade for a pigeon and a lost football"
we chase frogs in the throat push words like
a football repeated beat stroke our teeth carry
stones to the shore to prevent the sea from eating
up the shore wash our hands before we
speak before we eat before we sing we sing through
we flow through
we flow beside
we taste each others voices
when we flow